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A Star Among Space Games

EVE Online is the most exhilarating space game available today. Having been around for over 17 years, it still continues to offer the most unique space exploration experience for new and old users alike. So, if you are on the lookout for the best space game to sink your teeth into, you’ve officially found it.

Space Game - Triglavian gate inside Abyssal Deadspace

EVE Online is one of the very first and best MMO space games out there, offering its users a free-to-play version to explore the four great empires within New Eden and beyond. With the constantly updated user experience, the game provides endless possibilities to delve into.

EVE Online – the #1 MMO Space Game

Space Game (MMO) - Spaceships flying into a PvP battle

EVE Online allows you to customize your experience according to your own choice and decide your own player route through the universe. Build your way up the corporate ladder within the corporation you are a part of, wander through unexplored territory and equip yourself with the spaceship of your choice from a selection of over 350 ships. If you wish to change roles during your journey, you are free to customize your spaceship as per your role.

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With the most inspiring MMO experience any space game has ever offered, EVE Online allows you to become a part of thriving player groups known as corporations. As part of a corporation, you have the ability to choose from multiple professions, and in the process, invest in skill training to specialize in your role.

Being a new player in any MMORPG space game can be daunting. With that in mind, EVE Online provides a detailed tutorial on how to get you up to speed with the basics and set you on your path. Through the completion of the many available missions the player can choose from, the game allows you to develop your own learning process. Alongside your missions’ success, you gather required rewards and items for your progress within the game.

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Getting Started

You can download this sprawling, limitless space game for free, after which you will be taken through a detailed tutorial. The game offers you the chance to explore any of the four available Empires, though choosing either of these does not have any massive impact on your ultimate gameplay experience. The choice between the Empires is mainly aesthetic and only defines your physical starting point within New Eden.

Alongside the tutorial, you can utilize the help offered by the in-game Career Agents. They will kickstart your adventure with some additional ISK, spaceships, weapons, and modules, as well as take you through the details of some PvE missions available within EVE Online, digging deeper into the earlier tutorial. For these reasons, you are strongly advised to take advantage of the Career Agents.

You will have the option of customizing your character. EVE Online offers extensive customization as to how your character appears to other players within the game, although the customizations you make are purely aesthetic and won’t impact your journey within the game.

Once you have been through the tutorial and utilized the help on offer from the Career Agents, you will be in a good position to continue your space game journey in a fairly independent manner.

With an MMO space game such as EVE, it is ideal to join a corporation right away, but in case you want to begin solo, the game will automatically assign you to an NPC corporation.

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Free PvP Space Game – MMORPG

EVE Online is truly a remarkable, free to play MMORPG Space Game. It remains highly relevant and is thriving after 17 years, with a playerbase in the hundreds of thousands, and it is well known for its epic PvP battles. Join corporations, move towards a common goal, and share your wealth and experience with your fellow Capsuleers.

The game, with its complex and lifelike intricacies such as corporate espionage and alliance politics, has made EVE Online the go-to choice for strategy space game enthusiasts. The history of the game has seen intense double-agent play and years-long revenge planning leading to epic battles and betrayal. The longest recorded battle in the game, the Bloodbath of B-R5RB, lasted roughly 20 hours, with over 25,000 players actively taking part in the fight. The battle resulted in a loss of ships, stations, and freighters worth over $300,000 in real money.

If you are looking for a whole new challenge and wish to be part of one of the most vibrant MMO space game communities the world has ever seen, look no further. Join EVE Online, and weave yourself into the wondrous fabric of its history.

Why is EVE Online the best MMO space game out there?

Starting a new MMO game is an investment that, unlike other casual games out there, requires a lot of patience and commitment. With its vibrant and ever-active playerbase, EVE Online promises a unique and exhilarating MMORPG experience that you simply cannot find in other space games.

Due to the everlasting nature of its players and New Eden itself, there is no such thing as an ‘endgame’, and that’s the beauty of EVE Online. Even for the most experienced players who’ve been playing the game for years, there will always be something left to explore.

Being regularly cited as one of the top Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing space games by several reviewers and publishers, EVE Online deserves to be your next big MMO experience.

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What MMO Space Games should you play in 2021?

EVE Online provides the best in-game MMO PvP experience any space game currently has to offer.

What is the best Strategy Space Game out there?

EVE Online is regularly ranked among the top 2 to 3 Strategy Space Games by reviewers such as GamesRadar and PC Gamer.

Best PC MMO Space Game?

EVE Online is ranked as one of the top PC MMO Games by PC Gamer.