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6th Annual Holiday Spirit Event Ends In Success

2010-12-29 - Von Svarthol

Inoue, The Citadel - Last Thursday, capsuleer Holiday Spirit held his 6th Holiday Spirit event, giving out presents and getting the attending capsuleers into a festive mood.

Hours before the location was officially announced, Spirit gave out a hint and it was soon believed that the event would be taking place in Inoue. Following that discovery, capsuleers started moving in from all over New Eden gathering in empire space to celebrate Christmas.

When Holiday Spirit finally arrived, there was much cheering. Capsuleer numbers in Inoue climbed up to around 1100 and the local communication channel was overwhelmed with activity.

Amidst the joyful mood, organiser Holiday Spirit was very busy giving out his presents and noted that; "last year [there were] around 450 at the peak.. this is nuts". Gifts ranged from frigates to command ships and capsuleer Forbes1, who received an Executioner as his gift was "glad people offered to do these Special Events."

Miss Holly, who was also attending, was very happy with the event, although slightly upset with the disruptive behaviour of some in the local channel.

Both are planning to attend next year's event as well. Miss Holly's personal message to the organiser: "roll on next year and thanks for the gift."

Holiday Spirit was unavailable at this time for comment.

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