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A New Emperor to be Chosen

2003-09-24 - Von Svarthol

Speculations have run rampant among political analysts as to who among the Amarr Heirs will become the next Amarran Emperor. As one analyst states: "The Heirs are not just fighting for political power, but also for their own lives..." Our readers are to be reminded of the events leading up to the secession of the Khanid region from the Amarr Empire, caused by one Heir's refusal to commit formal suicide upon the selection of Emperor Heidieran VII.

Amarr Government Officials have declared an official mourning week throughout the Empire. While certain factions within the Amarr Empire seem to be heeding Emperor Heidieran VII's last wishes by attempting to curry peace, other elements of the Amarr Empire seem poised upon a darker path. Like a storm on the horizon, rumors of atrocities and massacres have been filtering out of the affected areas. Only time will tell how this shall affect the elaborate Succession Rituals.