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Aggression Evacuates Immensea Following Standing Reset

2009-07-09 - Von Svarthol

Immensea - Atlas and Against ALL Authorities have reset Aggression's [AGGRO] standings prompting the alliance to vacate the region.

This surprising development came after a tense meeting between Aggression and Atlas leadership during which Atlas' CEO was asked about rumors indicating Immensea was being "sold" to Triumvirate Alliance. Atlas' CEO left the talks abruptly and reset [AGGRO]'s standings.

5n4keyes of Aggression, was convinced that Atlas ultimately wanted them to be their "pets" but "[we are] not like that... we decide what we want to do".

Kinizsi of Atlas stated that "[AGGRO] leadership thought we want to give the region to [Triumvirate] and started offensive talks... so we [did reset] Aggro to teach them some manners."

Following the standing reset, Aggression's leadership ordered its capsuleers to immediately vacate Immensea. However, as result of the confused political situation, retreat is being carried out in a haphazard fashion as Bob Tslob of Aggression describes: "the alliance already lost 2 jump freighters to disorganization and Pandemic Legion [is] watching our logistics routes." Kinizsi confirms that Aggression has lost several cargo ships and adds: "[we will] try to kill as much as possible to make [it hard for them]."

Gho Higyidr, an Aggression capsuleer, says the evacuation is made even more difficult by offlined jumpbridges. Several outposts in Immensea are reportedly being camped by capsuleers from Scorched Earth, Libertas Fidelitas, Against ALL Authorities, Atlas and Blade. Most empire escape routes are camped as well.

As a result of the harassment of logistics routes, Aggression's pilots are having some close calls. Gho Higydr tells of a jump freighter that was tackled and held long enough to be brought into structure. She says: "It was rescued by [two] carriers... who were there able to [remotely repair] it in time. The attackers got away but the assets were saved."

Even as Aggression is evacuating assets from Immensea, Ushra'khan appears to have immediately begun a push into the I-NGI8 pocket.

Kerth Gensen of Ushra'Khan tells us that the I-NGI8 station was taken to accomplish both educational and strategic purposes as new pilots were included on the assault to "teach" them about station conquest. Although they have seized the I-NGI8 station, Ushra'Khan may not decide to hold space in the region. Kerth explains: "if a station [turns out] to be a military asset, then I'll not simply throw it away... neither would I take on a ridiculous cost for no strategic benefit."

Bobby Atlas and White Aero of Atlas Alliance have not responded to requests for information at this time.

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