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Alliance & Corporation Area at Fanfest - Signup Opened!

2007-10-08 - Von Svarthol

For those of you unfamiliar to this, we are going to have an Alliance & Corporation area at the EVE Fanfest 2007! We have now opened the signup for this part of the Fanfest! Since the area is limited we will operate on a first come first served basis. Signup will also close at 25 October, so we suggest you get your friends together and register as soon as you can! Rules for registering can be found on the signup page.

Rules For Registration

  1. The area is limited so we will operate on a strict first come first serve rule.
  2. A minimum of 5 people per group to be eligible for a private area.
  3. Smaller alliances and corporations may sign up in a group together to meet the minimum number of people required.
  4. The player that signs up the group is responsible for that group. This player will be in touch with the organizers for any news updates, changes in their roster and other details.
  5. Last day of registration is the 25th of October.
  6. Be tidy and respectful of your designated area. Do not feed the fedos.
  7. Seating will be limited. Please be mindful of your neighbors and share seating as necessary.

If you wish to discuss the Alliance & Corporation area, please use this forum thread.