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ATLAS Turns on Cry Havoc After Mutual Attack on Wildly Inappropriate.

2009-12-15 - Von Svarthol

BWF-ZZ, Geminate - ATLAS seized an opportunity to attack Widly Inappropriate. [WI.] along with Cry Havoc in the BWF-ZZ system recently. However, when WI. escaped to safety, ATLAS turned their guns on the Cry Havoc fleet they were fighting alongside just moments before.

Cry Havoc reports that as part of their ongoing efforts to "get engagements with WI. and disrupt their industrial activities in the region", the WI. jump bridge structures in the BWF-ZZ system were put into reinforced mode and guns were incapacitated. When the structures came out of reinforced, a WI. fleet showed up to repair the guns.

Learning of a probable Cry Havoc attack, Wildly Inappropriate. warped to the Oijenen gate to intercept the incoming hostiles. Outnumbered more than two to one, Cry Havoc decided to enlist some aid before jumping in; Terribad of Cry Havoc stated that "there was an ATLAS gang in the area that have basically the same objectives as us in terms of killing WI., we requested temporary blue standings, the ATLAS side claimed they... [could not] provide blue status at the moment."

Despite the lack of an agreement on standings, Cry Havoc chose to initiate the attack on a WI. fleet that had just jumped into the system via jump bridge. Once the Cry Havoc interdictor pilot had deployed his bubble and trapped the WI. fleet, ATLAS came in and assisted in the battle. According to Cry Havoc, when their interdictor pilot accidentally warped off, Wildly Inappropriate. seized the opportunity to warp their remaining ships to the local outpost and dock up.

After shooting at the station services for awhile, ATLAS decided to turn on Cry Havoc as Terribad describes, "after a minute or two, multiple bubbles were deployed on top of us and tackling messages started appearing left and right. Since we were horribly outnumbered... we didn't have much of a chance. Our Fleet Commander called for us to disengage and run for the empire gate. Only a few ships made it out, the rest got destroyed."

An anonymous source close to ATLAS reports that "they have been active in Geminate the last few weeks... with a capital engagement and random fleet fights. Though they have no standings or formal arrangement with Cry Havoc, they asked them to interdictor bubble the WI. fleet to facilitate [its destruction]. [The WI. fleet] numbered over 180 pilots, [ATLAS] had 150 and Cry Havoc 60. Cry Havoc failed to bubble the WI. fleet that decided to dock up... since ATLAS has no standings with Cry Havoc, they decided to turn their attention to the much smaller fleet and destroy it. Cry Havoc lost 31 battleships to ATLAS 4 support losses."

The source went on to explain that, "With the change in moon minerals such that Technetium is now a rich resource comparative to the old high value Promethium... the South has zero Technetium compared to the Northern regions which [are] very rich in it... [this] forces Alliances in the South to seek the resource in regions like Geminate so ATLAS is... looking to capitalize on a weak alliance such as WI. to deprive them of resources... for [their] own gains."

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