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Azia Burgi's Cemetery Resumes Operations

2009-12-15 - Von Svarthol

Molea, Khanid - Earlier this fall, Azia Burgi resumed burial services in her cemetery at Molea II, Moon I.

Founded by Azia Burgi, the cemetery had been dormant since Jihadswarm swept through the system a year ago destroying the control tower and looting or defacing most of the caskets.

Of the several hundred caskets lost during the attack, only the one containing Oriculus Haze's mortal remains survived the destruction.

During the re-opening ceremony, the surviving casket was repositioned and Azia Burgi offered a somber speech.

"I'd like to thank everyone that has helped me out over the last few months to rebuild the tower... [I] declare the new cemetery open by anchoring the grave of the only corpse to survive the destruction," Azia proclaimed.

"Life and death is a natural part of the cycle of the universe... without death nothing would have any value," added Karin Rousseau, a capsuleer who helps Azia manage the cemetery.

Two months after the ceremony, the cemetery holds more than 200 caskets: "I'm adding about 10 a day," explains Azia, adding that all caskets are being anchored within range of the starbase's protective guns as a safety precaution.

Azia confirms that the cemetery is currently accepting corpses as the burial site can contain as many as 2000 caskets before the need of a second protective tower arises.

According to Azia, the charitable initiative remains neutral to all parties, regardless of race, status, political affiliation or religion: "Please send me corpses," she says.

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