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BREAKING NEWS: Heavy Spatial Distortion Interrupts Fight in C-J6MT

2010-07-27 - Von Svarthol

C-J6MT, Insmother - At 23:40 of 112.07.26, the violent clashes between WHITE NOISE., ATLAS and allies came to an abrupt halt after severe spatial distortions appeared on the battlefield.

According to pilots flying in the area, the severe disturbance rendered it impossible to coordinate fleets during the fight. As a result, the fight between ATLAS, Against All Authorities and their allies battling against White Noise, Red Alliance, XiX and Pandemic Legion, was interrupted.

About 20 supercapital vessels and 5 titans were present in close proximity of the 78-0R6 gate in C-J6MT.

Many veteran capsuleers blame the presence of such huge vessels in confined quarters as the cause of the severe disturbance.

"Both sides had pretty even numbers, and it should have been a great fight, but no one could really shoot anything by the end," said Jean Dessaut of ATLAS.

The fight for C-J6MT will likely continue in the near future. It is the second time in a short period that ATLAS was forced to defend the system, which is regarded as a sort of "motherland" by several other alliances.

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