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Caldari Statement Condemns Gallente ‘Arrogance’

2008-04-02 - Von Svarthol

New Caldari – Speaking at a much-anticipated press conference today, a spokesman presented an official statement on behalf of the Caldari State in response to the recent findings concerning the leaked Code Aria Inquiry report.

As expected, the statement expressed the Caldari State’s condemnation of the actions of the Inner Circle and the veil of secrecy surrounding CONCORD's activities in relation to the Code Aria Inquiry.
“The Inner Circle bypassed a critical diplomatic process when planning and executing the expeditions into the infested regions. The four empires were denied their voice and, as a result, significant resources and manpower were devoted to a dangerous mission without our consent. Ultimately these resources and men have now been lost - squandered, in fact - on a doomed and fruitless campaign. Furthermore, the security of our own jump gate network has been placed at risk, as critical details of the methods used to reactivate the Infested Region gates were withheld from us.”

The statement continued with an expression of the State's anger at the deeper origins of the rogue drone threat and, pointing the finger squarely at the Gallente Federation, it stated the following.
“The sheer arrogance of the Gallente Federation and their leading corporations has brought about the steady escalation of the rogue drone menace over the last twenty-three years. Their mishandled attempt to expand their domain, and their subsequent refusal to reveal the true nature of what happened when they sealed the gates behind them has threatened us all.” This is only the latest of several recent clashes between the Caldari State and CONCORD, and no doubt the sour taste of the Secure Commerce Commission's investigation into the Itsukame Corporation was still lingering when the Caldari State prepared this latest statement.

In closing the spokesman for the Caldari State made assurances that the Caldari jump gate network’s security will be fully investigated.