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Changes to @EveOnline Twitter Usage For Server Status Messaging

2013-11-19 - Von CCP Falcon

Hello Capsuleers!

In order to improve communication regarding Tranquility's status and to give better clarity of information when dealing with unscheduled and extended downtimes, we have launched a new twitter feed as a one stop location for all messaging relating to the Tranquility cluster.

Currently, we use the @EveOnline twitter feed to provide notifications during extended and unscheduled downtimes, as well as regular messaging. However, as of December 1st we will be switching to using the new @EVE_Status feed in order to keep messaging regarding the server clear and concise, and to ensure it does not get mixed together with general news regarding EVE.

From today, through until December 1st, we will use both @EveOnline and @EVE_Status to transition the messaging to the new feed. As of December 1st, @EveOnline will be used only for EVE related news, and messaging regarding downtimes will be fully migrated to @EVE_Status.

Be sure to follow the new feed if you'd like to keep informed about the status of the Tranquility cluster!