Chaotic scenes of celebration across the Republic | EVE Online

Chaotic scenes of celebration across the Republic

2008-06-10 - Von Svarthol

Across the Republic Matari on the streets, now numbering in the millions, erupted into frenzied celebration as news of the invasion in Amarr Prime broke. Riot Police were almost overwhelmed as even more citizens flooded city streets, shouting war cries and firing weapons into the air. Businesses in most major cities have been forced to close, as once-closed bars open their doors to the celebratory throng.

The question of who is leading the fleet fell to the background the moment live streams of the invasion on Amarr Prime were transmitted to planets across the Republic. "It doesn’t matter now," said Nakhumi Veras, just one of the many millions now cheering the fleet on. "They are Minmatar, which is all we need to know."

Posted 14:01 GMT