Community Beat for 29 September | EVE Online

Community Beat for 29 September

2023-09-29 - Von EVE Online Community Team

Hello everyone,

We have now gone through a week of recovery following Fanfest 2023 where we celebrated the 20 year anniversary of EVE Online together in Iceland. There were a number of celebrations and revelations over Fanfest that will be far too many to fully go into in our little Community Beat but these are some of the highlights from the EVE Online community that took place over Fanfest week.

CSM 18

We brought back the tradition of announcing the next CSM at Fanfest which was done at the start of the event during the welcome ceremony. There were a few things to celebrate as the torch gets passed, firstly the voter turnout for this years was above all expectations, including our own. There were 47,115 votes that went to the voting booth in this years election and it is always great to see the passion that still remains, and now grows for our great institution that is the CSM.

A thank you as well to the other candidates that took their time to run a campaign to help out their communities. We at CCP would like to thank the departing CSM 17 members for their service during their year or years with us, it was great to have you all and we hope to see you back campaigning in the future.

Arsia Elkin, Brisc Rubal, Pandoralica, Jinx De‘Caire and Kenneth Feld.

Player Presenters at Fanfest

A very important part of Fanfest is the fact that we come together to share in our passion for EVE Online. For us that also means hearing from and letting you all hear from other capsuleers on their experiences or expertise.

The videos are now tricking in for all of their presentations onto YouTube so for those that could not catch them for any reason last week, they are now available for your viewing pleasure.

Giving back at Fanfest

Fanfest attendees and many of you who tuned in from home showed your generosity for the Icelandic Children's Hospital. Your help has made a significant difference in the lives of those who need it most, and we couldn't be more proud of the EVE Online community.

Over the Fanfest weekend itself you donated throughout various events, games and auctions just over $40k USD. Including the Charity Dinner and the non-attendee pilot licenses the grand total was just around $57K USD. The final number is still being collected for the non-attendee pilot licenses so it might still increase slightly.

Additionally the fine people in Fun Inc. NPSI set up a charity raffle on Sunday as they dined on their post Fanfest brunch. Thanks Fun Inc.!

Thanks everyone

For close to four years now I have been a part of the Player Experience team for EVE Online, first as a GM and then as your Community Developer. Today is the last day for me on this team as I will be moving into a different role within CCP Games.

EVE Online is the most humbling of games, and so can it be for this position. Nevertheless, this is the most fun I've had in my life in these past few years. I will miss the daily interactions and the shenanigans you get up to every day.

See you around spacefriends o7

- CCP Paragon