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CreoDron To Shift Production To Republic Space

2008-10-02 - Von Svarthol

Luminaire – Representatives of drone manufacturing powerhouse CreoDron have announced imminent plans to shift elements of their manufacturing to their existing stations and facilities within the Minmatar Republic.

Optimistic of a Republic turn-around in response to Sanmatar Shakor’s leadership, CreoDron has stated they are electing to capitalize on the competitive wage advantage offered in Republic space. Cost of living in most Federation facilities is very high compared to those in the Republic, and CreoDron stands to net a significant profit from leveraging that disparity.

CreoDron has maintained several low-key production facilities in the Republic for years, but concerns over the economic and political stability of the area have kept them from being fully utilized. The decision to shift production now sends a strong signal of CreoDron’s confidence in the new Matari regime, and may indicate the Republic has turned an economic corner.

The announcement met with approval in the marketplace, as CreoDron’s share price jumped several points following the notice. A number of prominent labour groups, however, raised concerns that the move stands to put tens of thousands of Federation citizens out of work.