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CSM Candidate Interviews: Part III

2012-03-20 - Von Svarthol

With just hours left in the CSM elections, this may be the last chance for voters to learn a little about the candidates.

Interstellar Correspondents asked candidates several questions in order to better understand who they are; where do they live? What do they do? What qualifications do they have? Some of the candidates are very serious while others take a lighter view of the universe we live in.

We have only included candidates that responded to our request. The field is much larger, and we encourage you to vote for a candidate that you trust. The full list of candidates and voting opportunities is in the link at the bottom of this article.


Sollana operates in nullsec space around the Providence region. She focuses on industry and combat and claims that "defending Providence is a busy pastime." She is currently a director in the executive corporation of CVA and "when needed acts on behalf of our CEO within our corp, and with others on the behalf of CVA and its allies."

While Sollana believes that the CSM system is "not broken", she thinks it is "in need of some TLC." She claims that "capsuleers are a fickle bunch, CSM is here to get there view accross in a sensible, calm manner..."

Blackberry Bold

Blackberry Bold prefers to operate in high and low security space. He does a little bit everything; Fleet boosting the miners, answering random questions in local, recon/observation. He claims to be "working to make the CSM a more efficient mechanism for... communications.

Blackberry Bold believes that the CSM system isn't very efficient in it's current form and that the people would be better served with direct polling on issues of import.

Fon Revedhort

Fon Revedhort is a combat junkie that has been making live action combat films of his exploits for about four years now. Posting mostly in Russian, he has been sharing his experience and thoughts on local forums.

Fon believes that the CSM is of great value as it is composed of active pilots that can provide valuable feedback.

Alekseyev Karrde

Alekseyev Karrde lists combat and leadership as his top duties in New Eden. He lists himself as a co-founder of the Merc Contracts channel, a channel which "lists all of EVE's reputable merc alliances and has virtually eliminated merc-scamming." He also represented the players on CSM4.

As for the CSM, Alekseyev believes that null sec capsuleers are "slighty overrepresented due to this idea that each powerbloc needs their interests represented on the council instead of representing 0.0 players as a whole. This will persist until voter turnout... forces blocs to combine their votes behind fewer candidates."

Mike Azariah

Working out of wormhole space for now, Mike Azariah is a social capsuleer that occasionally involves himself in incursions and escalations in the wormhole. Among his pastimes is writing commentary on the CSM and also "keeping tabs on the Help channel and answer new pilot questions now and again."

Mike believes that the CSM could be improved in some ways, but believes that "the far reaching effects of a good or poor decision leave no pilot untouched. They key is for the CSM to recognize the scope of power they wield."

T'amber Anomandari Demaleon

T’amber Anomandari Demaelon spends most of her time “in station and chat channels” planning community events and coordinating them. In this capacity she has ran many “free events” over the years to engage pilots from all over New Eden including the well known "Ships of Eve" lottery. Between events she fundraises.

As for the CSM she notes that nullsec pilots have a superior vote coordination due to the fragmented nature of highsec players. As for the effects on the average pilot, she notes that “most pilots are surely to be relieved when the spamming and blatant bribery ends at the end of the candidacy period.”


Mintrolio splits his time between low sec (30%), high sec (30%) and null sec (40%), where he engages in the monotonous activity of “KILLING AND PODING, KILLING AND PODING” all day. He confirms “YES. MANY TIME” to his community leadership experience, although we are unsure what he is referring to at this late time.

As for the CSM itself, he sees no issue with either the current system nor the effect it has on capsuleers themselves.

Skye Aurorae

Skye Aurorae operates all over New Eden, though she admits “from an income perspective Hi-sec is my lynchpin.” Here she engages in industry and trading to support her combat operations. As for leadership, she has helped recruit, train and attract new pilots to New Eden.

When asked about the CSM, she is optimistic and believes that it is “getting less and less broken every day.” The CSM itself “doesn’t really make decisions,” but rather expresses opinions which help shape the future of New Eden.

Vincent Athena

Vincent Athena lives in wormhole space spending most of his time doing industry, missions and exploration. He has not partaken in community leadership, but believes that the “role of the CSM is to communicate” rather than to lead.

In this sense the CSM role is not to “govern” but rather to “represent” pilots. Otherwise the average effect the CSM has on pilots is slight.


Korvin spends time all over New Eden as he likes to “change environments and scenery” often. As for his activities when logged into his Neocomm, they include “the art of fear and destruction, PVP, Leadership, Diplomacy and Recruit Training.”

Korvin appeared amazed at the thought of a “governance system” in New Eden. As for the CSM itself, he refers to the “butterfly effect.” The CSM creates butterflies and waits for changes to occur.

Kelduum RevaanKelduum Revaan spends most of his time in highsec. The majority of his time is spent leading and being a diplomat interacting with members of EVE University and third parties. “For the last three years I have been the leader of EVE University” which provides hand-on training for new pilots.

When asked about the CSM he does not consider it broken, “especially as we are seeing reports of greater turnouts in each election term.” However he does have ideas concerning the voting system. “While many may not feel that the CSM has any effect,” Kelduum is certain that their voices are heard by higher powers in New Eden.

Roc Wieler

Roc Wieler spends his time in all areas of New Eden. He takes part in ratting and combat as well as industrial pursuits when logged into his Neocomm. He is an avid writer in the community sharing knowledge and speaking with other pilots throughout New Eden.

He feels that the CSM is broken, but does admit that “once you get to see a glimpse of the current CSM in action, you realize their efforts do affect us daily."

Meissa Anunthiel

Meissa Anunthiel spends her time in all areas of New Eden. She engages in combat in low and nullsec as well as ratting in wormhole space and industry in highsec. She tends to favour “more industry in terms of time, but PVP in terms of intensity.”

She feels that in her alliance her role is to provide council while “leaving the spotlight to others, just like in the CSM.” She also feels that the CSM “works really well” and has “accomplished much over the terms.” The CSM provides feedback on all changes in New Eden. The goal is to “better meet the needs of the community.”

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