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CSM Special Summit – meeting minutes are out

2011-09-09 - Von CCP Xhagen

Several well-known things lead to a special CSM summit being held in Iceland the 30th of June – 1st of July on very short notice. This summit consisted of three main topics: the latest expansion, EVE Online: Incarna and the introduction of Captain’s Quarters; the debut of the Noble Exchange; and CCP’s plans for the sale of virtual goods in EVE.

At the end of the summit, a summary of the conclusions was published when it concluded, and as with all CSM summits so far the minutes were to follow soon after. Obviously that was not the case this time. As with all sensitive matters that have to be agreed upon by many people, it takes time to create a document that everyone can accept. It is important to keep in mind that CSM meeting minutes are not released unless both CCP and the CSM give their approval. This is a mandate that I have set as the CSM Project Manager and I stand by it even if it means delays like this one. 

Both parties had strong opinion regarding the content, presentation and tone of the minutes and so a considerable amount of time and effort was spent in reaching a compromise. These things might sound trivial and many people might call it a battle of semantics, but the content of these minutes are far from trivial. They are very important to both participants in the summit and everyone wanted them to properly reflect the tone from the meetings.

The minutes have now been accepted by both parties and can be viewed here: CSM Special Summit minutes.

CCP Xhagen
CSM Project Manager