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Decorated Captain denied task force for Molden Heath

2006-05-19 - Von Svarthol

Last week, the Republic Fleet denied a request by one of its captains to lead a task force in what has been described as the 'pacification of criminal elements' in the Molden Heath region after the loss of his patrol.

Karishal Muritor – Captain 1st Class, who was presented with the prestigious Drupar’s Sun award earlier last month for ‘consistent and meritorious service to the Republic’ – had allegedly deviated from his assigned patrol route and was attacked in the Oddelulf system by several capsuleer pilots who were believed to be under the employ of the Outbreak corporation. The attack resulted in the total destruction of the outnumbered Republic patrol.

Muritor, who has earned a reputation throughout the Minmatar Republic as a daring and highly skilled commander is reported to have repeatedly petitioned his superiors to assign a task force to the region during the inquest into the loss of his patrol. A spokesperson for the Republic Fleet issued a statement in which he explained: "Captain Muritor was found to be off his assigned patrol route when the Republic craft under his command were destroyed. Currently, he has been releaved of his duties until further inquiries are made."

The spokesperson went on to add that "The captain’s request to assign valuable Fleet resources to purge the relatively benign criminal element of Molden Heath has been denied. While we regret the loss of the men and women under Captain Muritor’s command, we hope that this experience will increase his respect and obedience for the directives set out by the Republic Fleet."

While Karishal Muritor has remained silent since his duties were temporarily ended, a source close to him is said to have commented that the captain was "angered and dismayed by the decision of the Admiralty" but had reluctantly accepted their judgment and will await his punishment. Critics of the Captain have since described this incident as an example of the type of cavalier attitude towards the rules that has been increasing, which "might be instrumental in the success of an incautious rebel fleet has no place in the Republic."