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Emissary selection process draws to a close

2005-05-25 - Von Svarthol

After weeks of uncertainty the ponderous Federation bureaucracy has finally given the green light for the conclusion of the presidential emissary selection process. The Federal Administration has instructed delegates working for the candidates to cease handing out assignments early tomorrow.

Each of the thousands of candidate vouchers that have been handed out has an electrical chip in it that allows the Administration to track the location and ownership of it. Even so, it will take the Administration several days to sort through the heavy data load and come up with the final results. With the winning corporation receiving handsome prizes, CEOs the world over are undoubtedly already squirming in their seats in anticipation.

The Administration has come under heavy criticism for its handling of the election campaign, both from the public and the presidential candidates themselves. Eman Autrech even went so far in a recent speech at a rally that he accused Agenbaert Goisin, head of the Federal Administration, of ‘attempting to sabotage the elections for some nefarious purpose.’ Goisin is still to respond to those allegations, though Chief Coordinator Dasbrulier has went on record stating that the elections were a serious business and needed to be governed with care. Nevertheless, it is widely expected that heads will roll once a new president has been elected.