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EVE Euro Tour 2015 - CCP Does Europe

2015-08-12 - Von CCP Guard

“From the frozen wastes of the Northern-Atlantic Ocean a merry band of travelers will emerge, laden with fine wares, good word of internet spaceships and an unending appetite for beer.”

So goes the ancient prophecy and so it shall be!

A bunch of us from CCP are heading to a couple of amaaazing player run gatherings that happen to be held on adjacent weekends in September. EVE_NT takes place in Nottingham on September 19. and Evesterdam takes place September 26-27 in…Amsterdam as fate would have it. We encourage anyone who can attend either one of these insanely funtastic events to set route - we cannot recommend them enough! In fact, that’s a direct order.

But why go all the way home to Iceland just to embark on another trip mere days later? Instead we decided use the week in-between to meet even more capsuleers and thus was born the EVE EURO Tour 2015! In the week we’ll be hitting up PARIS and BERLIN, two grand capital cities where we know a fair few pilots reside between space adventures.

We’ll be at The Dock Bar in Paris on Monday September 21 and at Cosmic Kaspar in Berlin on Wednesday September 23. 

Tickets for these two official events will be made available at 16:00 GMT, Tuesday August 11 on Eventbrite



You will be able to choose between a free ticket and a 25 euro ticket that comes with a specially designed EVE Euro Tour 2015 T-shirt.

We’ll be offering free drinks at the bar for everyone who attends, t-shirt or no t-shirt (please wear some clothes though)!

We’ll be giving out EVE swag at all of the meets we’ve mentioned and last but not least, we’ll be giving showing off Gunjack, a brand new virtual reality game few have yet laid eyes on!

We can’t wait to hang out with all you wonderful people whether it’s in in Nottingham, Paris, Berlin or Amsterdam this September!

P.s. poke your local brewery and tell them to double all production – the vikings are coming.