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EVE is Real Milestone Reached

2011-07-26 - Von Svarthol

It didn't take long, but the first EVE is Real sharing milestone has been reached and unlocked! Almost 1,000 images and video have been entered into the EVE is Real museum so far, and the first level of sharing has unlocked Aurum for the entire EVE Online community. A lot of Aurum, about 108,000 PLEX worth of Aurum. We hope to deliver 1,000 Aurum to the wallets of all active EVE Online accounts this Friday, July 29.

If you've not yet checked out the EVE is Real site, we encourage you to do so. Participate by uploading your EVE images and videos on the site, and then spread the word by sharing. Our next milestone will result in another 1,000 Aurum being distributed to every EVE Online player.