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EVE Online: Odyssey 1.1 has been deployed!

2013-09-03 - Von CCP Falcon

EVE Online: Odyssey 1.1 has been succesfully deployed.

This release brings a host of fixes along with new features and changes, including balancing of Mindlink implants and Warfare Link modules, as well as changes to medium turrets, energy vampire systems, Command Ships, Heavy Assault Cruisers and Industrials. A reorganization of the skill tree and changes to the names of several skill groups are also included as well as a number of improvements to the user interface and localization.

Please see the full patch notes for further details on the contents of the Odyssey 1.1 point release. More detailed information on specific changes is available in recent dev blogs from the EVE Dev Team.

To report any issues you encounter, please use this thread, and for general feedback please post here.