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Everything you wanted to know about advertising in EON (almost)

2007-02-12 - Von Zapatero

At MMM we’re in full flow with the next EON, which happens to be Issue 007, (although we doubt if there’ll be any references to the UK’s best-loved spy). Cover and content details should be up within the next few days, but in the meantime, since we’ve been receiving a few emails about how to advertise in the magazine, we thought it best to bring you guys up to date with the options available…

If you would like to promote your corporation, alliance, service (including fan website, radio station, application) or simply wish to boast of your achievements in EVE, there are currently two ways to advertise in EON:

Full-page advertising

These are full-colour adverts, designed by you (or a friend, colleague, whatever) and submitted via email or uploaded via ftp.

We advise that you submit an early draft via email so that we can suggest changes, if appropriate. For the most part the changes we insist upon relate to people not knowing what crop marks are, or forgetting to use them, have text too close to trim edges – these things we can help with.

The specifications for a full-page ad are that it must be of A4 size (297mm high x 210mm wide), 300dpi, CMYK with crop marks and 3mm bleed on all sides Final versions of ads that have been accepted must be submitted as a hi-res print-ready PDF file. (example)

For questions regarding full-page advertising in E-ON, please [email us](mailto:ads@mmmpublishing.com?subject=EON ads).

Classified advertising

Classified ads are small, usually text-only ads similar to those seen in local papers that no-one ever reads. In EON they could also be likened to calling cards that might once have been seen in London’s telephone kiosks, only marginally less lewd.

To send a classified ad you must send an EVEmail in-game to the character ‘Zapatero’ with your ad text, which must include no more than 50 words. In the subject heading of the EVEmail, please enter ‘EON Classified -

’ where
is the heading where your ad is best suited to attract attention (Services, Meetings, Recruitment or Personals).

If you wish your ad to receive more prominent placement, we have limited space for logos or other graphics. Please link to the image or provide a relevant URL in your EVEmail.

For questions regarding classified advertising in EON, please [email us](mailto:classifieds@mmmpublishing.com?subject=EON classified ads).

Acceptance and payment

Once ads have been submitted they will be judged for suitability and creativity. Please don’t use copyrighted imagery or fonts you do not own as you may be liable. MMM Publishing Ltd reserves the right to refuse any advertisement. Acceptance will require the advertiser to pay the required fees:

Full-page ads: 350m ISK per page

Classified ad: 15m ISK (plus 10m ISK for logo/graphic)

In-game advertising revenue is used to reward the writers and other non-CCP contributors to EON magazine.

Deadline for ad submissions is 9th March

Oh yes, before we forget, voting for the Awards will be closing in a couple of weeks, so don’t forget to GET VOTING! Final nominations will be revealed in the new issue and online.

Thanks - Z