EVETV: Training 'Expert' to Level 5 (Rank 12 Skill) | EVE Online

EVETV: Training 'Expert' to Level 5 (Rank 12 Skill)

2008-01-04 - Von EVETV spiralJunkie

As CCP Mindstar has already blogged about, the time for the Fifth Tournament is upon us, and with it, we're planning to bring EVE TV back to your screens. Streaming free coverage of the entire event from CCP's headquarters in Iceland, we'll show every match, as well as analyze, discuss, pick apart and congratulate the various teams.

A few familiar faces will be returning to your screens, and the idea is to bolster their ranks by adding some new experts to the EVE TV team. To this end, we're opening the application process for experts. There are a few requirements, which will be listed below, but first, a small request:

I'd love to get a roleplaying representative on. Some feel they've been given short shrift on previous shows, so here's our invitation: If you know your PvP, and you're really into the RP side of the game, you should apply (we promise you'll be treated as well as anyone else).

So, you want to be an expert, but unsure of what you need? The list is here:

  • You need to know combat. We don't despise industrialists, mission-runners, miners and macro-haulers, but as this is a PvP tournament, you need to be well versed.
  • You need to be confident in front of a camera, and in front of a microphone. You'll have two main roles (apart from going to Bonus Pig to buy me sandwiches) - being an expert on the couch, and being a commentator.
  • You need to be available between Wednesday 27th February and 11th March 2008, inclusive.

Flights, accommodation and food are supplied, all you need to do is bring the talent, knowledge, and a witty internet-spaceship catch prase. Also a coat, as it's going to be cold. You'll likely want spending money too, for the occasional trip to everyone's favorite Thai restaurant, and if CCP go out for a drink (which they've been known to do on occasion) you can't rely on them to buy you alcohol all night.

If you're interested, send a mail to tom@eve-online.tv by downtime on January 13th.

Good luck, and have a great New Year.

Fake Edit - We're also wanting to add a few things that we've been wanting to do for a while. Player-submitted ads, voice interviews, and more. We'll bring you details on all that soon.