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Food Supplies to Republic 'At Risk' According to Aidonis Medical

2009-02-19 - Von Svarthol

Pator – Food supplies to the Minmatar Republic from the Gallente Federation are "at risk of delay and even contraction," according to the humanitarian charity Aidonis Medical. "The potential food shortage crisis in the Verge Vendor region is almost certain to result in significant diversions of food aid by Gallente Federation agencies," explained Dr. Verigold Sarsou, who is directing the charity's aid efforts in the Republic.

A Republic government spokesman, commenting on the warning by Aidonis Medical, stated: "Food supplies are not running out. We are working with numerous organizations, not least our own Native Freshfood and Urban Management, to ensure that food supplies remain robust and our agricultural base can support the increasing population." Sources suggest that Aidonis Medical has been privately raising concerns with the government about the humanitarian situation for some time, only now going public due to the increased possibility of food supply problems.

An offshoot of the respected Aidonis Foundation, Aidonis Medical is a non-governmental organization dedicated to providing humanitarian and medical aid in disaster areas and to refugees across the cluster. Aidonis Medical has had medics and other volunteers working in the Republic since early YC110, when 'transit camps' were set up by the government on major Minmatar planets to temporarily accommodate increasing numbers of Minmatar arriving from the Gallente Federation. The camps are now also used to house former slaves liberated by the 'Elder Fleets' or released under the emancipation edict of Amarr Empress Jamyl I.