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Forsaken Empire: Another alliance to disband.

2006-04-20 - Von Svarthol

'The Forsaken Empire disbands', announced in a press release. The alliance just one of many prominent coalitions to dissolve within recent weeks, reinforcing the current trend for large-scale dispersal and reformation of the universe’s major capsuleer power blocs.

The decision of FE leadership to dissolve the alliance is being seen by many as part of a broader trend in universal alliance politics, highlighting a shift from large-scale alliances to smaller and often, more successful units. Whether or not the Forsaken Empire will follow that particular route is still unclear.

Speaking briefly, Pershphanie, ex-leader of FE, was unable to provide a clear picture on the future of the corporations, who only a few days ago were still united under one banner. ‘Some corporations will be joining new alliances, and many will remain in the Vale of the Silent and Tribute Regions in one form or another.’ When asked of the future of the two regions, she offered little further detail, saying only ‘Who knows…so much is unclear at this point I really can’t answer.’

Further details about inter-corporation affairs at the time of the split suggest there may have been some pre-existing tensions between Forsaken Empire corporations, culminating in a decision to dissolve. According to the press release, the reason for this move was that “things were getting too repetitive and not progressing fast enough”. Pershphanie likened the situation in some ways to the Imperial Republic of the North’s recent decision to separate, citing similar frustrations with the obstacles inherent in the maintenance of zero-sec regional claiming.

Professor Saula Pakasi, Sub-Dean of the Science and Trade Institute’s Political Science Department, says the Forsaken Empire’s situation and that of many other prominent alliances, suggests that in the medium to long-term, many pod-pilot alliances will be reshaped into smaller and potentially more nomadic entities. Her statements echo Pershphanie, who also sees a universal shift towards more nomadic alliances as a likely scenario.

Others disagree, many capsuleers voiced their opinions on universal communications networks, arguing the case that the future colonization of lawless space must be founded upon solid industrial and logistical frameworks, a reference in particular, to the maintenance of starbase technology.