From Bad to Worse: Mordu’s Legion fails to protect ORE convoy. ORE ship lost. | EVE Online

From Bad to Worse: Mordu’s Legion fails to protect ORE convoy. ORE ship lost.

2005-06-13 - Von Svarthol

In what seems to confirm previous reports about the diplomatic ties between ORE and the Mordu’s Legion deteriorating almost to breaking point, an ORE convoy of 3 cargo ships was left waiting by its Mordu’s escort yesterday at 4C-B7X.

Already behind schedule, chief ORE transport pilot Zeenu Breede decided to turn to local freelance pilots for help. Showing quite a talent for diplomacy, Breede managed to convince Laycosya from The Imperium and Shivaja from NORAD to strike a temporary cease fire in their ongoing hostilities, and provide the ORE convoy with some help reaching Gallente controlled space.

With the forces Shivaja and Laycosya were able to put together and unwilling to remain in unsecured space any longer, Breede decided to move towards their destination. After successfully fending off an attack by two Serpentis ships, the convoy confronted a TRS gate camp which proved to be above their forces.

While waiting for reinforcements, TRS operatives attacked the convoy bringing down one of the ORE transports. According to reports, downed ORE pilot Shakota Frendorn’s pod was spared and allowed to reach Orvolle after toll was negotiated.

When contacted about this episode, Captain Agutigur Aetangur from ORE Security publicly thanked both The Imperium and NORAD representatives for their help.

About the missing Mordu’s ship, Aetangur commented: "Disappointing, but not entirely unexpected. There was a time when Mordu’s Legion was the symbol of professionalism. Nowadays, they do not see to be able to even show on time. The Legion is certainly not up to their legendary reputation anymore."

"Our legal branch has already initiated the corresponding actions to receive compensations for our losses."

Mordu’s officials refused to comment on this issue.