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GM Week Contest Results - Haikus & Item Descriptions!

2019-09-06 - Von CCP Falcon

After much deliberation, many beers and some serious thought, we're super happy to announce the winners of two of our GM Week contests!

Item Description Contest!

Firstly, let's take a look at the item description contest - you can read more details about the contest itself here.

First Place - Razefummel

Item: The Damsel

Current Description:

This is the damsel in distress.

New Description:

This is the Damsel in distress.

She is the most kidnapped Person in New Eden. Many People blame her drunk Bodyguard but most People think she might just looking for attention.

Your Job is to bring her back anyways…

Second Place - Ran Dimaloun

Item: Shuttles

Current Description:

Amarr Shuttle

New Description:

Used as a thin layer of defense for your already vulnerable capsule, these shuttles can be seen darting around between jump gates and stations all over New Eden.

Incredibly cheap and expendable, these small vessels can still prove invaluable when attacked due to their tiny signature radius and align time.

Third Place - Six Ten Ven

Item: Spirits

Current Description:

Alcoholic beverages made by distilling a fermented mash of grains.

New Description:

Alcoholic beverages made by distilling a fermented mash of grains.

Depending on the region of purchase it is best not to ask too many questions about the equipment used.

Haiku Contest!

We had some amazing responses to this one, but as always we have to look at what's (moderately) teen friendly and fits best with the theme of New Eden.

Without further delay, here are our winners!

1st place: Peter Thanasse - @Canuck_2099

The blackness of space

Opportunity awaits

No risk, no reward

2nd place: SAM - @Satellite1791

I NEED to go pee

Invaders warp in on me

No more Megathron

3rd place: Devilish Ledoux - @Devilishlydo

Crimson streams strike out

Disintegrating our dreams

Invading our hearts

Prize Delivery!

Thanks to everyone who took part in these two contests, there were some amazing entries and we had an awesome laugh looking through some of the submissions.

Prizes will be forthcoming in the next few days - our glorious GM Team will be in touch to deliver them!

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