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Hyasyoda 'Seven Sleepers' sentenced

2009-11-29 - Von Svarthol

Suroken - The "Seven Sleepers,"  a name the public have been using to refer to the seven Hyasyoda executives charged with Industrial Espionage,  were found guilty and sentenced in Hyasyoda Corporate court today.

As is standard practice in a case of industrial espionage, the hearings took place behind closed doors, although the judge's summary was released for public distribution:

 "I intend to make an example of these men here today," Said Judge Arvamainen Kortegemi in his report. "Their breathtaking arrogance in selling our information is a sad reflection on our modern society.  When the corporation's trust is abused in such a flagrant manner, I feel I have no choice but to hand down the harshest punishment I can to these individuals."

As part of their sentencing, the court seized all of the men's assets, liquid or otherwise. The executives were also sentenced to a Corporation Labor Camp for the rest of their natural lives. In his absence,missing executive Attakaila Tatimon received the same punishment.