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Illa Kajoien: Spacelane Patrol Report "Ridiculous"

2009-10-18 - Von Svarthol

Nonni -- The recently released Spacelane Patrol report on the accident at DCMI's Kaunnoka III-1 facility is "ridiculous," according to a highly placed aide to Provist Director Suvasemi Aikinen.  Highly-placed sources within the Kaalakiota Corporation say that Illa Kajoien, head of the Caldari Providence Directorate's Reform Oversight Committee, gave the assessment at a dinner honoring wounded veterans yesterday.  The Directorate and Kaalakiota are refusing to comment on his words, saying only that it was a social event and that Kajoien was not there in an official capacity.

According to the reports, Kajoien said "[the investigation] was ridiculous.  It's an obvious attempt by CBD to point fingers anywhere but at themselves, and a pathetic one at that," going on to say that he has "seen better excuses from my six year old."  As a former foreman on a DCMI asteroid mining operation Kajoien has been critical of DCMI's worker policies in the past, but many observers have commented that his off-the-cuff remarks are more than a little impolitic after CBD was one of the swing votes on the military reforms passed this summer, one of Kajoien's initiatives.

"Kajoien's direct manner is believed to be one of the reasons he was selected for his position," said Pekko Udinen, a professor of political and memetic science at the Science and Trade Institute.  "If he's voicing these concerns, it's quite possible that the CPD might be considering their own investigation into the Kaunokka incident, which in turn could set up a confrontation between the Directorate and CBD. That would likely be costly to CBD, even if they are found not to be at fault."