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Imperial Navy Observer Reports on Khanid Operations Against Blood Raiders

2009-01-09 - Von Svarthol

Safizon, Domain – In a statement at its headquarters today, the Amarr Navy congratulated the Royal Khanid Navy on its recent operations against the Blood Raider Covenant and released an authorized report from an officer serving as an observer with the Khanid forces.

"The Imperial Amarr Navy has no hesitation in congratulating our brother officers of the Royal Khanid Navy on their successes against the evil heretics of the Blood Raider Covenant," said Admiral Goum Mimian on behalf of Navy Command. "We have selected reports from a naval intelligence officer serving as an observer with the RKN which I will share with you all as an indication of the hard fighting done by our Khanid brothers in God," continued Admiral Mimian before releasing an edited transcript of the unnamed officer's report.

The transcript reads: "From RKN flag battlecruiser Duke Ashkalon, about to commence pickup operations from designated target BRC027. Fighting has been hard and bloody, enemy believed to have suffered terminal casualty rate approaching 87 percent. Suicide tactics understood to have been deployed and multiple installations destroyed by demolition charges when breached. The 7th Kihtaled Uhlans nevertheless secured primary objective at great cost to their own numbers. Losses to the assault battalion reported to be 46 percent terminal, with many additional wounded. Wish to record my personal regard for these brave and godly fighters, drawn largely from the Khanid people. Report DA49 ends."

Commenting on the excerpts, Admiral Mimian said, "We can be justly proud of the actions of the Khanid armed forces and should never forget that more unites us with our brethren of the Kingdom than could ever divide us."