Improvements and Bug Fixes | EVE Online

Improvements and Bug Fixes

2005-02-02 - Von CCP CAPSLOCK

Fixes and Improvements

Weapons, Drones and Modules

  • Projectile Improvements Autocannons have had an increase in Tracking and Damage. Artillery Damage and Optimal Range have been increased. Howitzers now do additional Damage.
  • The Dual 425mm Prototype I Automatic Cannon now fires at the correct rate.
  • Ship bonuses are now applied to the 350mm Railgun II.
  • Drone targetting should work properly after jumping.
  • Drones should search for new targets when their original target became ineligible for contiuned attack, i.e. destroyed, warped away, jumped away, etc.
  • Scanning a cargo can in space with a ship scanner should no longer spawn multiple windows.
  • Caldari Navy Shield Amplifiers resistance modifier increased.
  • Tech II Afterburner/MWD capacitor needs changed to 10% more than Tech 1.
  • Energized Thermic Membrane I Blueprint Added to NPC market distribution.
  • Magnetic Plating I no longer requires R.db. to be researched.


  • The Malediction has been given an additional high slot and two new launcher slots.
  • The Raptor has been given an additional high slot.
  • The Stiletto has had an extra low slot and launcher added.
  • The Ares sports a new high slot and +25 CPU.
  • Interceptor maximum Warp Speed has been increased.
  • The bonus to rates of fire for the Crow, Taranis and Claw has been removed. The bonus has been changed to a damage bonus.
  • The ship bonus for the Crucifier now displays properly.
  • Ship bumping should no longer occur.
  • Cargo in cargo holds should display properly after undocking.
  • Recently created Shield errors should no longer be occuring.
  • Faction Battleships ship bonuses fixed.
  • Incorrect Stiletto description about falloff bonus (should have been 10% not 5%).

Skills and Implants

  • Learning the Interceptor skill now grants an additional bonus to the Interceptor ship class. The information on skill bonuses can be seen in the ship type description.
  • Industrial Construction skill is now available on the public market and is sold at the Empire race schools.
  • Transport Ship skill for advanced Industrials are now on the public market and are being sold by the NPC corporations that develop the ships.
  • The Minmatar Republic Fleet Firetail faction frigate should now use the proper racial skill and no longer require the Caldari Frigate skill.
  • Some implants were using the incorrect slot. All implants should now use the proper slot.

Player Owned Structures

  • Some incorrect mineral requirements for some Starbase Structures were required. This has been resolved.
  • Silo capacity has been increased to 20k units, Coupling Array has been increased to 1.5k. This is to balance the volume increases in complex reactions.
  • CPU usage of Refining Arrays should display properly.
  • Attempting to bring a silo or harvester online without setting a type will display a warning dialogue.
  • A warning dialogue is now given when changing managenent>production tab if changes have not been applied.
  • Pilots can no longer board ships inside force fields the pilot cannot enter.
  • Undocking should work properly.
  • Storing ships in Ship Maintenance Array does no longer put all modules offline
  • Warp Scramble and Warp Disruptor Batteries volume was fixed.

Agents and Missions

  • Insignias and tags are now available through missions and dungeons. GMs will no longer give out these tags if a mission or agent required one.
  • Start Agent Offer dialogue has been changed slightly.
  • Important Agents will no longer be in "enemy" space or space where the player faction standing puts the player in jeopardy.
  • Agents have a larger variety of Offers than before.
  • Loyalty Point and material cost for various ofers have improved, including crafting and High Tech commodity offers.
  • Crafting offers should require significantly less minerals than an unresearched BPO.
  • The cost of meta modules has dramatically decreased in the offer system. They are now closer in cost to equivalent player offered items.
  • Nexus chips have a higher availability through offers with certain divisions.
  • Rewards given by storyline agents should be equal to the level of the agent.
  • Agent bookmarks to encounters and stations should work properly. There were issues when used from the Journal, People & Places or In Space menu.
  • Agent Missions will no longer allocate missions against own or allied factions. Agent will no longer offer missions for enemy factions.
  • When between missions, it is no longer possible to see "into the future" and view the next mission an agent is going to offer.
  • Mission offers must be accepted within the specified time limit.
  • An agent offering items with a "special price" will now take market fluctuations into account.
  • Agent Journal updates should occur in all appropriate circumstances. Journal will also provide a low-secuity warning based on the security status of the area you are entering.
  • Some elite frigate exchange offers have been modified.
  • Deleting an Agent Offer now has a confirmation pop-up.
  • The cost of some attribute implants offered in the Agent Offer system have been reduced. Some new implant offers have been added.
  • Mining crystal offers have been added.
  • Blue Print offers now show if the BP is an original or copy.
  • Deadspace Mission Loyalty Point rewards have been fixed.
  • Mission briefs in training and dungeon missions should have the correct text and hotlinks.
  • The first two tutorial missions do not have a timer on them any longer. All tutorial missions should occur in the proper sequence.
  • All factions should now have Deadspace missions.
  • The difficulty of some mission dungeons have been made equivalent with other dungeons of similar level.
  • Missions should now be more diverse. Some older missions which were not working after the Exodus deployment are now working and some new missions have been added.


  • Bookmarks be created, destroyed and moved or manipulated properly.
  • It is no longer possible to bookmark complex rooms. Complex room bookmarks will be disabled.
  • Missions will no longer give you a bookmark until they are accepted.
  • Gang Warp in agent missions using mission bookmarks works as intended.
  • Characters '<' and '>' work properly in bookmark titles.


  • Demand for the pirate dog tags should now be available on the market in the pirate regions.
  • The Market should merge items in the hangar when an order is matched.
  • Warning dialog displayed if a market order is submitted above or below the regional average.
  • Numbers used in the Market now have a different font.
  • "Too many open orders" dialogue should no longer appear when modifying an order when at maximum open orders.
  • Switching between simple/advanced in Market works properly.
  • Better profit on traderuns. Tradable NPC commodities have been adjusted so many of the nonprofitable tradegoods will now be worthwhile for trading. A few of the extremely profitable goods were also tuned in the other direction. The market is dynamic so this price fluctuation will take time to take full effect.
  • Better Market Organization. The market groups in the browse tab of the market have been reorganized in some places to hopefully improve the 'browsability' and make things easier to find. Have a look around.

In-game Communication

  • It is possible to join mailing lists as a member of a player corporation in an alliance, or as a member of an NPC corporation.
  • Wallet transactions now show the recipient of the CSPA charge.
  • POS structure Kill Mails are sent to killed character and the directors of the corporation owning the structure.
  • Chat windows gain and lose focus properly.
  • "Channel Changed" notification has been streamlined, and includes new location notification.
  • Exception should no longer occur when attempting to send EVE mail to players requiring CSPA charges.
  • Chat channel moderation is no longer publicly announced in the channel. Moderation is only displayed to channel moderators and the player moderated.


  • EULA has been updated and a confusing clause in Character Transfers has been clarified.
  • Notepad selections will be retained when altering style or format.
  • Cargo Containers should retain names.
  • Support option in the Character Selection screen works properly.
  • Waypoints should stay selected regardless of modification of order in which waypoints appear.
  • Warning message given when a player tries to scoop contraband into cargo hold. This warning can be disabled by the player.
  • "Players in Space" and "players in chat channel" should display properly.
  • Right clicking in space should no longer result in a long delay before menus appear.
  • Billboard displays should rotate more frequently than before.
  • Free hardpoint count in the Station Services "fitting" screen should update properly.
  • "Sort by icon" in the overview works properly.
  • Cargo in hold displays properly after undocking.
  • Jukebox "play" button no longer default selected when client first loads.
  • Targetting after activating a jumpgate does not cancel jump.