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Interbus to Offer Free Rides to Emancipated Slaves

2008-12-27 - Von Svarthol

Following Empress Jamyl I's announcement that all slaves in the Amarr Empire who can trace their lineage back at least 9 generations will be freed from servitude, Interbus has announced that it will provide free passage to anywhere in the cluster to any recently freed slave for the entire month of January.

"We understand that many of these freed slaves will lack the means to leave the Empire," said Interbus CEO Haukkakka Pukara. "Some of them will undoubtedly want to go elsewhere. But without money, most will be unable to aquire transportation. Interbus was founded on the premise of unrestricted movement between all the Empires. We feel it is only just to offer our services to these people without charge."

Any freed slaves with proper identification will be allowed free passage. In order to claim the free passage, they need only travel to their local Interbus terminal. Interbus has stated that a freed slave may travel as many times as he or she likes during the month. The company has already begun a massive campaign to inform recently freed slaves of the offer.

Analysts expect the offer will cost Interbus between 3 and 6 billion ISK during January, depending on the number of slaves who take up the offer. According to Interbus's most recently released earnings reports, this amounts to less than 1% of their expected profits during this period.