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Kador ups the ante in cathedral debate – Amarr pilot community says no to tourists

2004-04-28 - Von Svarthol

Uriam Kador, head of the Kador family, has intensified the ongoing debate surrounding Catiz Tash-Murkon's acquisition of the Tal-Romon Cathedral on Eclipticum by questioning the heir status of the Tash-Murkon family. The Tash-Murkons replaced the Khanid family when the latter broke from the Empire following Heideran's election as emperor. The nomination came as a surprise to most, not the least because the Tash-Murkons were Udorians, and thus not of pure Amarrian ancestry. Heideran ruffled a few feathers with his decision and now that he is gone the Kador family seems eager to pick at these old wounds. Five hundred years may have passed, but Amarr Holders have long memories. It seems that Uriam, already at odds with Articio Kor-Azor, is merely using Catiz's plans for the Tal-Romon Cathedral as an excuse to continue a feud that started 500 years ago. At that time many feared the empire was breaking up following Khanid's departure. The same fear seems to be welling up again - but only time can tell if it's justified.

In a curt statement from Catiz Tash-Murkon she refrained from 'stooping as low as her esteemed fellow heir Uriam Kador by acknowledging his cheap verbal attacks' and would instead focus on the continued renovation of the Tal-Romon Cathedral, which she felt had the 'moral support of all upstanding Amarr citizens, as evident by their public outcry on the matter.'

The issue is already causing a stir in the Amarr community as a whole, with distinguished Amarr pilots offering tens millions in ISK donations to the restoration of the Cathedral, provided unworthy tourists are not allowed to walk the hallow grounds and desecrate them further still by their ignorant gaze and uneducated fascination with Amarr architecture. While aware of this, Catiz Tash-Murkon representatives claim that the decontamination process alone costs more than is being offered at the moment. ‘We respect the wishes of those brave devout Amarr pilots, but at the moment, our initial plan offers looks more financially viable.’