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Khanid Navy Announces Maintenance Contract

2009-11-11 - Von Svarthol

Khanid Prime - The Royal Khanid Navy, in conjunction with Wiyrkomi, announced a massive maintenance program for the upkeep of its fleet.

Under the terms of the contract, Wiyrkomi have been loaned a maintenance facility within the Royal Khanid Navy shipyards in Kihtaled.  The contract has a fixed term of three years, with a possible rolling end-date should the contract be fulfilled to the Navy's satisfaction.  Wiyrkomi are to take control of the scheduled maintenance of the Fusion Thruster components for all the Khanid Navy fleet.

The Khanid Navy hopes that this maintenance program will give their aging fleet greater serviceability figures at a lower price than keeping an internal maintenance facility.

Wiyrkomi played down the significance of this contract. according to a company spokesman,  "This is standard maintenance practice in all modern fleet management models. It will allow our customer greater flexibility at a competitive price."