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Lai Dai Conference Suffers Electromagnetic Attack

2009-11-14 - Von Svarthol

Kinakka - The Black Rise Development Conference was the target of a widespread electromagnetic pulse last night, causing a number of casualties and an estimated 1.4 million of ISK in damages. No fatalities have been reported, but the pulse caused unshielded cybernetic devices to fail, resulting in 23 individuals being sent to intensive care units and an additional 213 requiring extensive repairs to implants and prosthetics.

The source of the pulse has been traced to a number of synchronized warheads placed around the station, having been smuggled in by unknown means. In light of this breach of security, Lai Dai has suffered harsh criticism. "It's unforgivable to put so many people at risk," says Genkarhaadan Nineven, part of a group of visitors from the Sukuuvestaa Corporation. "Lai Dai promised us safety but completely failed to protect us from this. At least we can be thankful it was nothing even more dangerous."

The attack not only caused damage to cybernetic components, but also wiped numerous data networks on the station. Reports say that several laboratories and assembly arrays belonging to Lai Dai were put out of commission in the attack, including a catastrophic Planck bubble failure in one lab that was fortunately unmanned at the time of the attack.

In a statement, the Lai Dai Corporation said that service in rented laboratories or manufacturing arrays was not disrupted, and that any damages suffered by conference attendees will be reimbursed in full by the corporation while an investigation is launched.