Lai Dai, Sukuuvestaa Facing Sanctions for “Unlawful Anti-Competitive Measures” | EVE Online

Lai Dai, Sukuuvestaa Facing Sanctions for “Unlawful Anti-Competitive Measures”

2009-12-18 - Von Svarthol

Maurasi - Following a special hearing of representatives from the Sukuuvestaa Corporation and Lai Dai, the Caldari Business Tribunal announced today that both corporations will be facing sanctions for "unlawful anti-competitive measures." The sanctions come as a response to the past months' series of security breaches and attacks upon assets of both corporations. The CBT deemed these actions to be the deeds of agents working for Lai Dai and the Sukuuvestaa engaging in covert strikes against the other corporation.

"This type of behavior is completely unacceptable in a society as civilized as the State," says Samon Mitsimo,  head of the CBT.. "We cannot have the corporations at each others' throats in a time of war." 

The details of the sanctions and reparations remains to be decided. The CBT is expected to hold sessions with the Chief Executive Panel and the Providence Directorate to finalize the demands, but the final number is expected to be high.

"I would be surprised if the net compensation of either entity is below 5 billion ISK," says Sandere Lourdhen, an economic analyst working for the State and Region Bank. "The citizens of the Caldari State have suffered in this matter, and Lai Dai has probably lost substantial amounts of ISK invested in the lost research."