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Modelling Contest Winner Announced

2011-07-07 - Von Svarthol

YFN-UN, Syndicate – The winner of season II of the Sami Sabik Modelling Contest has been announced as Nausea, member of Veto Corp.

On being victor, Nausea said: “It still takes a little getting used to, that I managed to take the crown in the end, but it feels amazing and strangely satisfying.” Fame has come with a price as Nausea conceded that there have already been a few capsuleers eyeing up her title "with a hungry gleam”.

Revan Neferis, organiser of the series, expressed her feelings at how season II had concluded: "It outmatched season I tenfold in matters of challenges, prizes and show. It was so far one of my best events.”

Revan confessed that there would be a season III in the near future. Even though a date is yet to be decided for it, she said it will "come sooner if the capsuleer interest continues to be as it is”.

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