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More Changes with Invention in Trinity

2007-11-17 - Von CCP Chronotis

Fanfest is now over, and it was awesome experience. Being able to sit down face to face and focus on many issues and future aspirations we both have for Eve was much more productive than feedback on the forums. Today, I have been shuffling through over seven pages of notes from a single round table, notes that will be turned into planned fixes, balancing, improvements and new features for future patches. I truly hope Fanfest was as enjoyable for you as it was for us!

There is a lot of stuff to be excited about in Trinity, the chaos of change and anticipation of Eve that entering another chapter brings with it. Here I want to introduce some more of the improvements happening with invention in Trinity coming at the same time as those we announced in my previous Dev Blog.

Ship Invention boosted in Trinity

The chance of inventing Tech II frigate, destroyer and cruiser class ships has been increased. The reason for this is we feel inventing the smaller class ships should be easier than the larger ships which are inherently more complex in design. This also impacts other decisions such as which decryptor to use, which leads onto the second change.

Decryptors Changing in Trinity

Decryptors are getting love in Trinity. The focus is on probability modifier and Material Level modifier with significant boosts to both attributes for all decryptors giving more flavour to the decryptors and the choice between success, material level and runs making the decryptor choice more important and valuable overall.

The Top 10 Invented Items List

Some extra bonus information for those of you who are interested. Find below the top ten invented blueprints from each category.

  1. Hulk Blueprint
  2. Vagabond Blueprint
  3. Cerberus Blueprint
  4. Ishtar Blueprint
  5. Manticore Blueprint
  6. Deimos Blueprint
  7. Sabre Blueprint
  8. Crow Blueprint
  9. Raptor Blueprint
  10. Zealot Blueprint
  1. Hammerhead II Blueprint
  2. Warden II Blueprint
  3. Garde II Blueprint
  4. Ogre II Blueprint
  5. Bouncer II Blueprint
  6. Heavy Armor Maintenance Bot II Blueprint
  7. Hobgoblin II Blueprint
  8. Curator II Blueprint
  9. Valkyrie II Blueprint
  10. Vespa II Blueprint
  1. Expanded Cargohold II Blueprint
  2. Capacitor Recharger II Blueprint
  3. Overdrive Injector System II Blueprint
  4. Warp Disruptor II Blueprint
  5. Heavy Missile Launcher II Blueprint
  6. Ballistic Control System II Blueprint
  7. Invulnerability Field II Blueprint
  8. Power Diagnostic System II Blueprint
  9. Shield Power Relay II Blueprint
  10. Nanofiber Internal Structure II Blueprint
  1. Capacitor Control Circuit II Blueprint
  2. Cargohold Optimization II Blueprint
  3. Core Defence Field Purger II Blueprint
  4. Auxiliary Nano Pump II Blueprint
  5. Trimark Armor Pump II Blueprint
  6. Anti-EM Screen Reinforcer II Blueprint
  7. Core Defence Field Extender II Blueprint
  8. Semiconductor Memory Cell II Blueprint
  9. Salvage Tackle II Blueprint
  10. Warhead Calefaction Catalyst II Blueprint


  1. Barrage M Blueprint
  2. Scourge Fury Heavy Missile Blueprint
  3. Scourge Precision Heavy Missile Blueprint
  4. Scorch M Blueprint
  5. Spike L Blueprint
  6. Wrath Fury Cruise Missile Blueprint
  7. Wrath Precision Cruise Missile Blueprint
  8. Tremor L Blueprint
  9. Void M Blueprint
  10. Scorch L Blueprint

In closing

Invention is getting a little easier in Trinity. The costs involved in the process in an increasingly competitive market, especially one where it is only inventors competing for a slice of the cake will lead to a more dynamic scenario. All in an age where we will witness the greatest amount of tech II items produced than ever before both for sale and personal supply. My next blog on invention will look to the future and the direction we want to go with it.

Ave - Chronotis