Moving mines to deployable structures | EVE Online

Moving mines to deployable structures

2004-05-17 - Von CCP Oveur

We are considering moving mines to a deployable structure. There are many reasons for this, amongst them is that they are causing unnecessary complexions for the criminal flagging system and the way mines are handled today.

Mines are also more of an defensive mechanism than an offensive one, so moving them to deployables, where the implications regarding criminal flagging is handled in the same way as other damage dealt by deployable structures, makes them easier to handle along with more logical to deploy.

They aren't very much used today but with some tender loving and moving to an deployable structure architecture, mines would become more (ultra) violent defense mechanisms for player owned structures and would add to the gameplay of assaulting (and defending) them - while today they are pretty much spacejunk. Except if you are useing them in massive amounts around stations, to prevent someone from undocking, in which case they are just massive amounts of spacejunk that annoy you.

Well, whats your opinion? Should mines be massive annoying spacejunk or an bonafide way of defending player owned structures with ultra-violence(™)?