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New CVA Outpost Around Mineral-Rich Konrakas

2009-07-27 - Von Svarthol

Shintaht, Providence - Rosa Alba corporation of Curatores Veritatis Alliance [CVA] has announced the construction of their second outpost, Imperium Providentia, at the historic, mineral-rich planet, Konrakas.

Konrakas, also known as Shintaht IV, is completely lifeless but draws attention from both the Caldari and the Amarr because of the rare minerals brought to the surface from the violent natural forces that are known to shake the planet.

Historically, neither the Caldari who first surveyed the planet nor the Amarr, whose space lies closest to the system, were willing to make the heavy investment in ISK and time needed for a planetary mining operation.

In expectance of the wealth they will generate, Rosa Alba have named the new outpost Imperium Providentia. Felton Fundenberger, the Caldari CEO of Rosa Alba, made the following statement:

"The construction of this new Outpost in orbit of Konrakas is yet another sign of the growing bonds linking the Amarr and Caldari people.

"The Amarr Empire is the pinnacle of order and civilisation and provides a solid foundation and structure in which Caldari Corporations like ours can thrive commercially. Where once the Amarr and the Caldari may have bickered over the rights of ownership of Konrakas, we now co-operate to mutually benefit."

The station, a traditional Amarr factory facility, was completed on 05.07.111 and was CVA's 21st completed outpost.

Konrakas, the only officially-named planet in 0.0 space and once claimed by both the Caldari and Amarr empires, hosts the Imperium Providentia outpost. So far, there has been no response to the construction from either nation.

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