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PLEX for GOOD: Pakistan

2010-09-15 - Von CCP Fallout

We all know that space is not a safe place: it's cold, violent and deadly. Our own planet is just as harsh, only on Earth the results can be quite deadly.

Over the summer, Pakistan was devastated by monsoonal flooding which resulted in over 2,000 deaths, the destruction of over 1 million homes, and an estimated 21 million people homeless or injured. The situation for those affected by this tragedy continues to be dire, and many of you have expressed the desire to help these innocent victims using PLEX.

Beginning September 15, 2010 and ending on October 6, 2010, CCP will be accepting PLEX donations for the PLEX for GOOD: Pakistan program. Each donation will be converted into cash currency and donated to the Pakistan Red Crescent Society, a humanitarian and relief organization based in Pakistan that is working towards helping those affected by the flooding.

To make your PLEX donation:

  • Contract your PLEX to the "CCP PLEX for Good" character, and please make sure the character is in the "C C P" corporation and that the name is spelled correctly to avoid scams.
  • Contracts will be accepted within 24 hours of submission, though usually sooner than that.

CCP regards any scamming attempts surrounding this effort to be morally reprehensible and they will be met with swiftest action.

To learn more about how this program works, please check out this FAQ for more information.