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Probe Scanning improvements in Odyssey 1.1

2013-08-22 - Von CCP Tuxford

I’m CCP Tuxford from team Super Friends and I’m here to tell you about all the wonderful things we have been doing this summer and which will soon make their way to Tranquility as part of Odyssey 1.1. Well to be honest most people have been on vacation and it’s been fairly slow in the office but we still managed to iterate a bit on the probe scanning UI. So what exactly have we been doing?

Cosmic Anomalies and Cosmic Signatures are no longer removed from results

These results used to be populated when you entered the system and when you started scanning we would only show the ones which the probes were in range of. This was a bit odd behavior since you could get those results back by re-logging or jumping in and out of the system.

Results no longer lose information

As results get more accurate we start displaying more information in the results. For example if the certainty is less than 25% you only know basic information like...'it is a ship'. Once you get better result you might discover it’s actually a battleship and finally when above 75% it is revealed that it is a Megathron. We have added persistence to those results. That is if you have discovered that signature “XYZ-123” is a Megathron battleship then the UI will show that it’s a Megathron even though your last hit was less than 75%. Note the signature is unique per item (ship, structure, dungeon, …) so this doesn’t mean that you can quickly discover all Megathrons in system just that this certain signature is a Megathron.

Custom Formations

The new probe formation system was always designed in such a way that it would be easy to add custom formations. The basic formations we’ve added are far from being the optimum formation and we always knew that they would never fit your every need. We’ve added the ability to save your own formations to fill that need.

So how does it work? You just place the probes in the formation that you like and then click the custom formation icon, write down the name of the formation and click “Save”. We then persist the location and the size of the probes. When you want to place them in this formation you simply hit the custom formation button (Next to other formation buttons). You can have up to 8 probes in the formation and probes will just be launched and recalled as needed. You can have  a total of 10 custom formations.

These features are already ready for you to test on Singularity so go have a look :D

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