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Quantum Broadcast Service is Formed

2003-09-25 - Von Svarthol

NEW CALDARI - As part of a joint venture, Pegasus Endeavors and representatives of Interstellar Correspondents are pleased to announce the creation of the Quantum Broadcast Service (QBS), a news media broadcast network. Longtime freelance reporter and corporate director Draaven Kianor-Vakur has been appointed as the Chief News Correspondent for the venture. Draaven currently sits on the Board of Directors for Pegasus Endeavors, and has stated “neither [my] corporate responsibilities nor [my] Caldari background will interfere with QBS’s ability to provide unbiased news and objective editorial commentary to the galactic community.” He also added “We want to establish ourselves as the premier news medium for galactic political news coverage, and we invite all heads of state, corporate CEO's, and other dignitaries from all over the galaxy to reach out to us to make their missions and initiatives known to the general public.”

QBS is expected to begin regular broadcasting next week.