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Returning Pirates Ambush CVA Fleet

2008-12-18 - Von Svarthol

G-5EN2, Providence - It has been over a year since the last Celtic Anarchy fleet roamed the skies of New Eden. In recent weeks, however, the former corporations of Anarchy Empire have celebrated their old comrades' return with fast raiding gangs striking in Minmatar hit-and-run style. One such gang headed to Providence to set a trap for old foes Curatores Veritas Alliance (more commonly known as CVA).

Sky Fox of Celtic Anarchy [K.O.S] spoke about the corporation's return:

"The glorious workers and peasants of Celtic Anarchy will continue to work closely with our [former] comrades in arms if the situation presents itself, but for now we will not be joining any formal alliances. [The possibility of] rebuilding the Force of Evil alliance is something that is always under discussion though."

"The bourgeoisie imperialistic CVA gave us some fights, giving our pilots the chance to warm up ready for active duty. Suffice to say, we will honor them again with our presence."

While there may be no formal alliance at present, K.O.S's old ties with the member corporations of Warp to Desktop alliance were evident in their Providence raid.

Pilot Nessaji of CVA was part of the force that attempted to intercept the pirate raid. He describes himself as a humble "grunt" in the alliance.

"It first began with a Celtic Anarchy gang of 5-8 - I'm not sure exactly what the number was - battleship heavy fleet coming into Providence from Kari.

"From my grunt perspective, the fight itself was not that interesting. What made this special was the succesful trap [they laid, that] CVA stepped into.

"We first got news of them in Y-MPWL. They moved straight through that pipe to station system H6-CX8, and CVA began to assemble a response fleet. We didn't manage to get the fleet up fast enough to intercept them in the jump in to 9UY4-H, but our scouts picked them moving towards the Assah exit of Providence. We used the benefit of [being a] space-holding alliance and jumpbridged in front of them in hopes of ambushing them before they went back to empire space.

"From what Celtic Anarchy reported, their allies from Warp to Desktop alliance were 2 jumps out of G-5EN2. So Celtic Anarchy jumped into our camp in G-5EN2 from 9-F0B2 (I think) and I think at that time Warp to Desktop started moving towards G-5EN2.

"The Celtic Anarchy gang jumped back into 9-F0B2 once, then back into G-5EN2, obviously [in retrospect] buying time for their allies to arrive.

"The second time they jumped in, local spiked as Warp to Desktop [jumped in], but since we didn't have them scouted we had no idea that they would be as battleship heavy as they were. We were in our own interdictor bubble on the 9-FOB2 gate and our FC made the call to stay and fight.

"According to our combat logs, CVA had 23 pilots and Celtic Anacrhy and Warp To Desktop had 32 between them. These numbers are only what our killboard shows; I don't know if there were any CVA allies on the gate during the fight and because we killed so few of them, it's possible (and likely) that there were friendlies I cannot see on the logs.

"It seems we downed two Dominix-class battleships, a Falcon and a tech 1 frigate before we realised their remote repair capabilities were too strong for our lighter, and numerically smaller fleet. By that time, we had lost most of our own battleships - 7, and 7 support (battlecruisers, heavy assault cruisers etc).

"The FC made the call to retreat. We pulled back to 9UY4-H to reship to heavier Vessels, but the raiding fleet had moved to Assah immediately, and didn't even clear the field. Their trap was sprung and they'd got what they wanted, I guess.

"I believe they knew from our reputation that we form big fleets quite fast and they didn't want to wait to get overrun. Also, from what I recall, Severance had a reinforcement fleet on the move to G-5EN2, but they didn't get there before the fight was over.

"In the end it was a good show from Celtic Anarchy and Warp to Desktop of how to trap territorial alliances that use jumpbridges to fend off hostiles. They knew that we could cut them off in G-5EN2 and had allies ready."

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