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Shakor asked to return as Midular calls emergency election

2008-06-16 - Von Svarthol

Pator - At an emergency session of parliament this evening, Sebiestor Tribal Chief Karin Midular called for emergency elections to be held no later than a week from today. Her directive came hard on the heels of a speech given by Keitan Yun, the Republic's former ambassador to CONCORD, in which the ambassador called for former Parliament Head Maleatu Shakor to return to Minmatar politics.

"The Gallente had a dream, and they called this dream democracy," said the Ambassador in his speech. "This dream was given to the Republic in its infancy and held to be the right and true way for a civilized society to govern. We now stand in the shattered remains of this dream with one unavoidable truth facing us: democracy has failed."

"It did not fail because of lack of good leaders. In my opinion, we had one of the best. It did not fail because of a fault in the system. The success of a democratic Federation has lasted long enough to bear this out. The Gallente are gripped by neither poverty nor disenchantment. They do not suffer our lack of identity and unity. No, democracy did not fail because we did not try. On these things we cannot be faulted."

"Democracy failed because it was not our dream. It was not for the Minmatar. We are a people not easily led, and brothers and sisters, on a precipice we now stand. If we continue to bicker and argue amongst ourselves without heed for our people’s needs, we will fall. We need change. We need strength."

"There was once a Minmatar Nation that thrived before the Amarr came. I would see that Nation reborn, its tribes united. I would see us have a leader to give strength and solidarity to those united tribes. I would call upon Emissary Maleatu Shakor to return, to finish what he started. Now is the time to stand as who we are, true Minmatar."

As Ambassador Yun finished his speech, a few delegates rose to challenge his remarks. Their protestations continued for a few moments but were quickly quelled by the tribal chiefs. Sebiestor Chief Karin Midular then replaced Ambassador Yun on the podium.

"I was a champion of this dream, and I have lived it in every waking hour of my life as Prime Minister," she said. "It pains me beyond measure to admits its failure. But this pain is a relief, sharp and bright, for it heralds the true awakening of our purpose as a united people."

"We go now down a path that's new and uncharted, and yet its ancient direction is familiar to us. In this I have full faith that we will find success, provided we remember who we are and why we are on this path."

"So, as we transition from our dream to the waking world at last, it is my final task to start this new journey, to prepare the way for the great men and women who shall lead us to freedom at last. With the support of the chiefs of this Republic I call into immediate effect Article 341a of the Republic Charter and issue an emergency election of parliament, no later than a week from today."

Drastically reduced numbers were in attendance at the session, following the murders last week of several parliament members along with hundreds of other Minmatar government officials. Despite the small turnout, the proceedings were frequently marred by chaos, as several issues were vocally raised with the Republic's current situation since the June 6 dissolution of parliament. Few of their queries were answered, with tribal chiefs generally stepping up to quieten down their respective members