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Station Restaurants Empty as Food Investigation Continues

2008-09-29 - Von Svarthol

Dastryns - An outbreak of illness spread last month through the Federal Administration Bureau offices in orbit of the 17Th moon of Dastryns VII. The cause is still undetermined, though it has been linked with a shipment of long-limb roes recently distributed among the station's restaurants.

Despite this link, station medical researchers report no success in treating the illness. Despite the pathological similarity to known bacterial infections, standard antibiotic treatment has remained ineffective. Fortunately, though some cases are still listed as "serious," no deaths have yet been linked to the disease, and no new cases have been reported since the affected shipments of roe were quarantined.

Long-limb roe is considered a rare delicacy, typically found only in high-end restaurants or specialty food stores. Since the initial announcement of the illness outbreak, station restaurants have seen a dramatic decrease in sales despite the rarity of establishments serving roe. Talares Mayer, majority owner of the popular restaurant chain Altanda, has stated that last week's sales were over 60% lower than projected. "People are still uneasy, and they're staying home to eat," Mayer said. "I'd like to reiterate my commitment to the safety of [Altanda's] patrons. All long-limb roe has been discarded, and we have sterilized each and every location."

All Long-limb roe sold in the Dastryns system is produced by Combined Harvest, one of the Gallente Federation's largest food production, storage, and distribution corporations. Roland Mesteran, Junior Production Manager with Combined Harvest's Placid operational group, answered all inquiries by pointing to Combined Harvest's industry-leading food safety policies, reiterating the corporation's "ongoing commitment to remaining the industry food safety leader in all phases, from production to delivery." Mr. Mesteran also stressed that Combined Harvest is not responsible for foodborne illness related to or caused by the consumption of improperly prepared items.

Spokespeople from the Dastryns Federal Administration station have reiterated that normal operations are unaffected. While it has been confirmed that several high-ranking officials have fallen ill, both Bureau and station operations continue normally and are at no risk of being terminated or scaled back.