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Taking the Fight to Jita

2008-06-28 - Von Svarthol

Many State Protectorate pilots are content with hiding in Caldari Navy protected systems; many fleets have been spotted loitering around the gates leading to the contested zones. Most of these pilots feel safe in their strongholds and go about their normal day to day activities with impunity. Friedrick Psitalon and his pilots of The Dead Parrot Shoppe, Inc. have decided to disabuse them of this notion.

In a daring night-time raid, Friedrick led his small tactical fleet through Perimeter and into Jita for an attack on State Protectorate militia members in this central trading hub of the Caldari State.

Friedrick opened his historic attack with: "CALDARI MILITIA! We are here in defiance of your Navy, who can do nothing to stop us! Your military is weak, as is your militia! In your own high-security space, you lack the means to defend yourself!"

With hours of test runs behind them, the fleet moved smoothly into place and took up station outside one of the major Caldari Navy trading stations.

For over an hour, the task force harassed any State militia pilots that arrived. At one point, the fifteen man fleet dispersed and was involved in four simultaneous engagements. Suffering only one loss (to the Caldari Navy itself), the task force destroyed twenty-two State Protectorate ships.

Nyphix's thoughts after the task force vacated Caldari space for the night, summed up the general feeling of the fleet : "Man, and I thought after I joined the Gallente militia I'd never get to go to Jita again!"