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The Help Channel

2003-09-25 - Von GM Regius

I've noticed that there is a discussion on the forums about the in-game help channel about who is who and how it works.

Let me describe how it really works:
The in-game Help channel is conceived as a venue for players to help other players.

  • The most important participant on the Help Channel is you :) You can contribute to other players from your wealth of knowledge and experience.

  • Polaris member (green & light blue text) who are players like yourself devote their time as much as they can to contribute from their own knowledge and experience to help out in the channel.
    However there is no guarantee that they are in there at any given time or that they have an answer to every question.

  • From time to time, depending on the petition and email load, GM's (red text) who are hired employees at Customer Support join the help channel to try to help out and get a feel for what is going on in the community. GM's try to answer as many questions as they can and help out, but some problems need a more detailed study which can only be achieved by filing a petition or sending an email.

  • Sometimes CCP Devs (blue text) join the channel to follow up on specific issues in the game.

I would also like to encourage everyone to show respect and consideration to other players in the help channel and thus support this venue as a positive place to try to get a quick solution to a problem.

I hope this post makes things clearer and corrects any misunderstanding about what to expect from the help channel.