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Theatre Bombed

2010-08-20 - Von Svarthol

PATOR - The Minmatar People's Theatre's main stage was bombed this morning, only a few short hours after the opening night of controversial play ‘Plantation.’ The theatre was empty and there were no injuries. 

A group calling themselves Free Our Families has claimed responsibility with a statement issued to press. "The Amarrian slave holders in this play are cast as thinly disguised caricatures of Shakor and the other tribal chiefs. This goes beyond racism. If the MPT will not shut down this parliament-funded propaganda, we will shut it down for them." 

A tearful Jaken Lagos, the show's director, said "We weren't trying to make a political statement about slavery or Shakor or anything else. We were just trying to make beautiful art." The play’s sets, costumes and props were destroyed in the blast. The MPT has said it will not restage ‘Plantation.’