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Transfer of sacred Cathedral almost complete despite setbacks

2004-06-28 - Von Svarthol

Amarrians and other well-wishers of the Empire have in the last few days flocked to Eclipticum to aid in the transportation of the Tal-Romon Cathedral to Amarr Prime. For this massive undertaking, prompted by Emperor Doriam himself, to be feasible the help of Amarrian pilots was needed. Hundreds have responded to this call and lent their hand to make their emperor’s wishes come true.

The Imperial Chancellery has overseen the operation and according to them completion is imminent. This is despite several setbacks where freighters have been ambushed en route to Amarr Prime. The Chancellery has brushed these instances off as ‘insignificant’. “The cathedral is huge and a few missing pieces are hardly noticeable,” a spokesperson for the Imperial Chancellor stated.

Yet it is known that hundreds of freighters have been attacked in recent days and one must wonder how much more it takes for the re-builders of the cathedral to encounter severe problems in resurrecting it. Even if the majority of the holy stones that make up the cathedral have made it safely to Amarr Prime the loss of some of the sacred relics that are now scheduled to be transported would surely be a major blow for the whole operation. Thus, the next few days will determine once and for all whether this ambitious undertaking will succeed or not.

The instigator of these attacks on convoys is believed to be Catiz Tash-Murkon, though she of course strenuously denies this officially. Many have questioned the wisdom in so blatantly defying the Amarr Emperor, but friction between heirs and a sitting Emperor is far from uncommon. In fact, many favorably regard the strong response Catiz has made to imperial encroachment on her authority, noting that it is always a strong move for those that have recently risen to become heirs to establish themselves as strong and independent in the eyes of the world. Even if Catiz Tash-Murkon fails in foiling the emperor’s plans she will undoubtedly gain more in respect and admiration from her subjects and fellow heirs.