Update: little things are still little | EVE Online

Update: little things are still little

2011-03-15 - Von CCP Soundwave

Time for another Little Things update!

For those that don't know what Little Things are, it's a project that Team Best Friends Forever is working on, focused on smaller changes to the EVE universe. Instead of working on a big single feature, we're trying to weed out all the small day to day things that annoy players (that's you!).

This coming release, you'll be getting the following small changes:

  • We're making player portraits available in the following windows - Trading, giving money, chat invites and objects in space. Hopefully you'll be able to see the portrait and go "yeah, this guy looks legit".

  • When you create a fleet, you're made squad commander automatically, so you don't have to move around manually.

  • As a part of the "equal value space makes this game boring" initiative, we've changed the way anomalies work. The quality of anomalies will depend on the systems truesec - the better the truesec, the better the spawns. CCP Greyscale is writing a blog on this exact change, coming soonTM

  • The input boxes in the industry window now has room for more digits, meaning small item manufacturing will actually allow you to see the entire number.

  • We've added the system name to outposts, so you know where you're buying from. This will hopefully prevent me from buying items in hostile stations while drunk.

  • NPC jamming has been updated and streamlined. They should all work with the same functionality and you can fit countermeasures. In other news, jamming NPCs are still annoying.

  • We've added more default overviews. Instead of having "default" and "mining, you'll now have "general", "pvp", "WarpTo", "loot", "mining", "drones" and "all". Hell yes.

  • Since boarding a ship to strip it is too much work, we've added the ability to strip fittings from unpiloted ships.

  • 0.0 truesec will now be displayed in the same manner empire truesec is. We made this change since anyone with access to the internet (that means you) has access to that data through evemaps and other sources.

  • Removing bookmarks can now be done from the right click menu in space. Having to go through people and places was a damn hassle and hopefully this will improve bookmark usability.

  • Instead of having a separate column in the fleet finder for the fleet boss standings, it's now a small standings box in the boss portrait, much like you're used to from chat channels.

  • Ever had 8000 items to repackage and one broken item which breaks everything? From now on, items that cannot be repackaged won't stop the entire repackaging operation.

  • Clicking the picture of another pilot will bring it up in a larger version. This feature is part cool, part creepy.

  • Loot logging has been enabled by default. User statistics show that the majority of fleets have this on, so we decided to remove an annoying pop-up window. Your ability to be a jerk and steal from your friends still remains intact though.

  • When using the autopilot, your waypoints will be highlighted so you can see where on the route they are. This owns.

  • If you like Incursions and are seeking likeminded partners for long walks on the beach and shooting Sanshas, go ahead and join the "incursions" public channel, found in the channel folder.

  • Your personal ship fittings are going to be stored on the server, giving you the same functionality available to corp fittings. This means access to your personal fittings, regardless what computer you're using.

  • Newbie missions have 180 days expiration and you cannot lose standings for declining, quitting or timing out. If you decide to re-activate a trial, hopefully this puts you in a better position to come back to the game.

That's what we have for you this time around. We have a few special things in the works (one of which starts with "b" and ends with "lueprint") , so stay tuned for the next update.